The Collective Concept is built on a foundation of trust and love. At the core, We Rethink Different. We strive to disrupt the norm, rewrite the traditional business models and go above and beyond what anyone ever thought possible. We break down barriers and build walls. We don’t have to sit back and wait for things to happen because we are the ones creating the opportunities. We have spent countless hours building a platform that puts purpose above everything else. It’s all about creating a strong personal brand, with a solid foundation to stand on. We are prepared to turn your vision, ideas and dreams into a reality. But to do that, we must start at the foundation: Trust and Love. Let’s Rethink Different Together!

Our Mantra

Our mantra is to add purpose to platforms and to always remain passionate about the greater good.

Take a look at our formula: 

Trust = Wisdom + Innovation + Rebirth + Creativity2 + Knowledge < Love

What does it all mean?

Let’s break it down:


We utilize our collective experiences and learning to make the calls. This means that we have solid judgement. We have the wisdom to know not just what works, but how to make it work. And if we don’t have the answers, we have the skill set to find them.


The Collective does things a little differently. We believe that each client deserves a tailored experience. We will find the right team of people to work with you to create your platform. We will search far and wide to make sure you are paired with the right talent.


When creating a brand experience, you are creating an extension of the self (stay with us on this one, it may get a little deep). Who you see in the mirror everyday is only a piece of the whole you. We want to take your vision further, explore and expand, and create what you thought could only be imagined. Yeah, we’re going to take it to that level!


What are all of these things without creativity? We are connected to some pretty brilliant minds. From designers, to photographers, writers to accountants. Our team is made up of people who aren’t afraid to rethink different. Creatively addressing any and all needs is what we are about.


It’s about our team. But really, it’s about you. You are the expert on you. We look to you to guide us and help us shape the experience and brand you are looking for. We are going to combine our knowledge and shoot for the stars. But, in the end, we know that this formula is nothing without:

All under the umbrella of our MANTRA we do it through..


Everything we do, everything we create, every relationship we build is done for love. Love of the client, love of the work, love of the job, love of the message, love of the different platforms we help to put out into the world. Put love out there, just wait and see how much love comes back.

Let’s rethink different together.


About Us

The Collective Concept is a network of individuals who come together globally to make your identity, your brand a reality. Cultivating the best talent, we are able to create a team that works with your vision. Utilizing designers, photographers, writers, strategic planners, media buyers, analysts, social media experts, accountants, producers, we have it covered. The only thing you need to bring are your dreams and an open mind.

Our goals are your goals 

We are in the business of creating a brand you want to stand by. We are in the industry of spreading your message as far as possible. Instead of letting big corporations control what you represent, we help you create that self image and present it to those big corporations. It’s all about you.

Customization is the key to success 

Our team leaders will meet with you and let you tell your story. Then, we go to our expansive network and hand pick your team. Like we said, we will cover all bases. From creative to media to venture. You are supported by a team unlike any other client’s team. After all, we are all about making a brand that represents you.


Our roots go back as far as 1997 and of course, it started with family. An entrepreneurial spirit guided us and fostered a successful family business. From there, we took our wisdom and experience and then decided to take it one step further.

The concept of rethinking different grew out of a need to create an agency that addressed all aspects of branding. We learned that to be successful, we needed to be a full-service agency in the truest sense. We currently have strategy and marketing communication abilities, top creative minds, and a history with successful branding.

With all of our big ideas, we take pride in staying small.

We are able to make better connections with our clients and deliver the full-service experience if we stick to our roots. Six-time pro wide receiver Brandon Marshall can tell you all about it. We were behind the scenes when Project 375, an initiative that has raised awareness for mental health, was born along with fostering partnerships with some of the big players in the game, such as Under Armour.

We are more than another agency.

We are more than a business model. We rethink different, and we rethink different together with you.

Frederick L. Marshall

Chief Executive Officer

Fred is the visionary. He is our RETHINK and our DIFFERENT. He is the pioneer of our ideas. Every prosperous business has a strong mouthpiece — ours is greater, he is Fred. With his distinctive experience as an entrepreneur, he understands how to build things from the ground up. He developed a passion for innovation in 2014 after making sports history x2. He further developed his skills by participation in the Harvard Executive Business Program — concentrated in the Business of Entertainment, Music and Sports. Because of his matchless perspective Fred has the ability to take a concept and turn it into a profitable masterpiece.


Michael s. Low

Creative Director

Our creative connoisseur, Mike is known for his unique design ideas, attention to meticulous detail and the ability to conceptualize and generate strategic branding tools — directly catered to the individual field and demographic specific to a client's needs. Mike is a seasoned vet in the arena of graphic design and web enhancement with over ten years of lead design experience. He will be the one to make everything look sexy, from content production to overall brand building.






Your coach doesn’t send you out on the field without a plan and neither do we. We’re in the business of building empires just like you’re in the business of winning championships. The only difference here is that you’re the coach. You call the plays and we make it happen.

Audience • Brand Competitive Landscape • Data • Market • Product


The goal is simple. Once the plan is in place - it is time to get to work. We sift through our roster of hand picked individuals who will work diligently to make your brand a reality.

Challenges • Design • Goals • Identity • Mission • Soul Finding


What’s a brand without content? We focus on every detail from the font to the color scheme. The little things are the big things when it comes to our creative team.

App Design • Copywriting • Digital • Logo • Social •  Visual • Web + Mobile


You thought we were going to put in all that work to build your brand then leave you hanging? Heck no! We manage what we build so that you can focus on your game. Why make things complicated?

Advertising Specialist • Concierge Services • Digital + Social Media • Public Relations • Sponsorships


“A business enterprise or speculation in which something is risked in the hope of profit” -

We’re here to minimize the risk and make sure that it makes sense… for your brand, of course!

Change Management • Coaching • Consulting • Development • Ideation • Mentorship • Risk Management • Strategy


the game plan


There is a science to getting your brand right. How do we know? We wrote the formula. We are consistently putting it to the test through focus groups, surveys, competitive analysis, primary and secondary research.


We aren’t going to launch your brand without crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s. This is your story, your image and your message. We are committed to getting it right! We have testing tactics to ensure that we are effective and cohesive. Practice makes permanent.


Not all brands fit all audiences. We listen to your message, create it and then find the right target. We search high and low and find the people who are ready to listen. When you’re in the right place and the right time, your brand is better received.


Numbers may get a bad rap, but they’re important and they do not lie. Our team consistently crunches numbers and analyzes data in order to know every area of your brand. We ensure everything adds up to maximize your success.


Once we know that your brand works, we keep it in motion. We create a customized brand book that goes with you everywhere you go. We need to ensure that your brand stays consistent and that everyone plays by the rules.