The Collective Concept's Core Team Members:

Max Kogan

Business Development Specialist

Max is the foundation of our business and yours. He computes the financial feasibility of any business idea/plan by diligently tracking data and trends for and on prospective companies. In addition, he looks for metric and key performance indicators to further develop and manage data and reports.  With over five years of Research Analyst experience under his belt, Max is definitely the VIP of harmonizing potential ventures with financial achievability. Fun fact: Max's claim to fame is that he once ran with the Olympic Torch!

Jillian Tsui

Content Manager

Jillian specializes in project, account, and content management. She ensures that the brands, logos, and elements we build for our clients are tailored just for them. With over a decade of management experience, Jillian streamlines our business processes, communication strategies, and organizational tasks. When she isn't working on internal projects, she uses her background in publishing to create bespoke client content that establishes your business as a cohesive force to be reckoned with. In her spare time, she can be found running half-marathons around the world.

Brandon Comerford

UX | UI Developer

Brandon is known for his original product designs and developments as well as concept generation and story boarding. His experiences have taken him through many aspects of UX/ UI design, making him familiar with not only creating marketing and sales materials such as pamphlets and flyers, but also with coding and web and app design. Brandon will take your bright ideas and turn them into beautiful, tangible works of art. Taking his ideas from his environment, Brandon enjoys riding his bicycle through Chicago in order togain inspiration.

Brandon Best

Lead Visual Director

Brandon is known for developing visual concepts that are innovative, thus turning your branding campaigns into art in motion. With a background in photography, Brandon has an vision to capture the perfect shot and bring your companies identity to life. He has the ability to get more creative in post-editing using unique techniques to give your brand a commercial finish; all done by a true professional. Brandon's personality, however, is the true star of the show. He has the simple ability to put you at ease, getting the most out of every shot.