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Welcome to The Collective Concept’s (referred to as “The Collective”, “Rethink Different”, “we”, “us” or “our” herein) webSite.  To make our Site informative, useful and safe, we ask that all visitors to our Site (the “Site”) adhere to our Terms and Conditions. By accessing our Site, you indicate your acknowledgement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions; if you do not agree to our Terms and Conditions, please cease using our Site immediately. By accessing and using our Site on any computer, mobile device, TV, console or other device not explicitly mentioned, you accept and agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions in accordance with applicable law.

We may update or amend these Terms without notice and without notice and for any reason, effective upon their publication.  Please review these Terms frequently for updates as it is your responsibility to stay abreast on our most current policies.  Your continued use of rethinkdifferent.com following the posting of changes to these Terms will constitute your acceptance of any changes to our policies.  By using our Site, you consent to the collection and use of personal information by The Collective Concept as outlined in our Privacy & Cookie policy.



Any links directing or redirecting your browser to other websites not owned and operated by The Collective Concept or our affiliates are for information only; we have no control and assume no responsibility for third party resources or web content.  Any legal notice, formal or otherwise, must be directed to The Collective Concept out outlined on our Site.

Non-enforcement of any right does not constitute a waiver of such right.  Rights available to you as the purchaser under these Trading Terms can be transferred or reassigned to other individuals or entities.  Should any part of our Trading Terms be deemed unenforceable by law, all other sections are unaffected and remain in full force and effect.


Accessing Our Site

You bear full responsibility for ensuring you operating system and browser meets all relevant technical requirements needed for full Site functionality. We cannot ensure functionality of our Site on unsupported software or devices, or where technical requirements are not satisfied. By accessing our Site, you acknowledge the risks of infectious code and/or malware and that you are solely responsible for your system’s security and protection. You also acknowledge and agree not to interfere with our Site’s functionality in any way, including our security measures, or to intentionally disrupt or attempt to crash our servers. We reserve the right to restrict access to our Site, in part or in full, to provide routine maintenance and updates and that we are not liable to you or any third party for scheduled or unscheduled unavailability or suspension of online services and/or products through our Site.


Using Our Site

Information made available on our Site should be used responsibly, in accordance with all applicable laws and not in a manner reasonably deemed immoral or that is inconsistent with the values of our organization.

You may not use our Site for, or as an intermediary, to any illegal activity; to send spam or phishing communications; to threaten, harass or otherwise harm another individual or to invade their privacy; to post or insist on offensive, hurtful or damaging behavior, at our discretion, towards other individuals and users of our Site, our organization or our partners; to retrieve or hack into our servers for the purpose of stealing or publishing our information of that of our customers; to tamper with, intentionally or unintentionally, the functionality of our Site; or to redirect users of our Site to domains out of our control.


Restrictions On Use Of Materials

Our Site is owned and operated by The Collective Concept. Material from rethinkdifferent.com or related websites owned and operated by The Collective Concept may not be copied, published, sold, reproduced, transferred, uploaded or distributed in any manner through any medium without our explicit consent and approval. You may download a single copy of materials to your personal computer or device, granted that your copy is for personal, non-commercial use only and all copyright and related proprietary branding materials and trademarks remain intact and unaltered.  You agree by way of use of our Site that you will not change, alter or otherwise remove any copyright, trademark or ownership designations from materials downloaded or printed from our Site.  You further agree not to use any techniques reasonably interpreted as data mining gather information or content form our Site. No provisions held within our Terms and Conditions or related policies grants any license or acceptable use of our Intellectual Property.



Material and content within our Site is provided for lawful purposes only. Any software or services made available to users through our Site from third parties is the proprietary content of the individual or entity making software available. Downloading software does not constitute a transfer of intellectual property rights, including all files, images, videos or other content, and is subject to the software licensing agreement provided by the individual or entities making such software available.


Intellectual Property

All copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property present on the Site, unless otherwise stated, is the property of, or has been licensed to, The Collective Concept or its affiliates. Any copyrights, trademarks or intellectual property rights not owned or licensed to The Collective Concept is the sole property of the third party, whether individual or entity. All copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights are proprietary to the respective owner.  These Terms and Conditions and applicable laws of the United States prohibit users or agents acting on users behalf from copying, altering, distributing, transferring, publishing, selling, licensing or claiming ownership of any content or creative works derived from using our Site for commercial purposes, except for such permissions as explicitly granted in writing provided by these owners, at their respective discretion. All content and materials present on our Site, including but not limited to videography, photography, branding materials, software, scripts, applications, text, graphics, sounds, music and other interactive or dynamic features are considered a collective work under the applicable laws of the United States and is the proprietary property of The Collective Concept.



We reserve the right to terminate your account and/or profile and any user generated content present on the Site, without notice and for any reason, at our sole discretion, with no liability to your or other individuals affected by the termination.  We reserve the right to block access to our Site for certain users, IP Addresses and Devices.  You acknowledge and understand that some content may survive termination and removal from our Site, such that is present or displayed on other platforms (i.e. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.).  Our Terms and Conditions remain in full force and effect after termination of your account and removal of any user generated content.



Our Site includes links to websites owned and operated by third parties.  The Collective Concept is not liable in any capacity, assumes no responsibility and does not monitor, endorse or control any content, products or services for any websites not owned and operated by us.  You are responsible for reviewing and agreeing to the Terms and Policies of third party websites and access such sites at your own risk. Links to third parties present on any Site managed by us shall not be construed as an endorsement by The Collective Concept of any substance, content, material, policies or opinions presented on third party sites.


Limitation Of Liability

Each user who accesses our Site does so at their own risk and assumes total responsibility for their actions and use of the Site. The Collective Concept is not liable for any damages or injury, loss of data or profits by the use or inability to use our Site or from the adequacy or inadequacy of products sold through our Site, even in the event there is negligence from The Collective Concept or from a representative authorized to speak on our behalf, even in we have advised of such negligence, or both.  To the extent applicable law does not allow for the exemption from liability for damages, the total liability for The Collective Concept will not exceed the amount you paid to access our Site.



By using our Site, you acknowledge and agree to indemnify The Collective Concept, its affiliates and partners against any all claims, losses, liabilities, costs and damages resulting from or related to any user submitted content, use of your content, use of our Site, violations of our Terms and Conditions or any applicable laws or rights of other individuals and entities.


Unsolicited Content

It is our policy not to accept any unsolicited content or materials of any type, for any purpose, from any individual or entity not explicitly contracted or employed by The Collective Concept. Do not send us any content, materials or creative works with the intent we use said materials in our published works. Should you disregard our policy on unsolicited works, you understand and agree any content, statements, writings, photography, videography, ideas, suggestions or other creative or commercial works communicated, presented or submitted to The Collective Concept through our Site (collectively, the “Submission”) immediately and forever becomes the sole property of The Collective Concept. We are under no obligation to treat or consider and Submission as confidential, nor will we be held liable for its commercial or private use by us or our affiliates and further, will retain exclusive ownership of all rights to the Submission going forward, under all applicable laws in any country where the Submission or related content is present and are entitled to its use for any private or commercial deemed appropriate without any compensation to you or other parties relevant to the Submission.


User Content

Should you submit any user generated content to our Site, including but not limited to reviews, ratings, comments or solicited creative content, you grant The Collective Concept irrevocable use, at no cost, to all content solicited for our use in marketing, promotions or internal use including the distribution to our partners, vendors and social media accounts. Solicited user content provided to The Collective Concept will remain under your ownership with your rights to use the content in any way you deem appropriate. By proving solicited user content, you acknowledge and confirm you work is original in content and form or are authorized to present your work and have the applicable rights to provide us permission to use your work as outlined in these Terms and Conditions; that your work does not promote or make reasonable references to anything illegal, abusive, harmful, libelous, defamatory or offensive; does not infringe on applicable laws or the privacy rights of others; does not contain any malicious content or code that may damage or otherwise adversely affect our Site, its lawful operation or its content; promote any business or service not explicitly permissible by The Collective Concept and without clearly stating your affiliation; and does not contain any phishing or spam techniques. We are under no obligation to publish or present any solicited content to our Site and reserve the right to unilaterally remove such content at any time, for any reason. We will not screen or otherwise try to filter or identify familiarity with user submitted content on our site. If your content, or that of someone else, does not comply with our policies, it is your responsibility to notify us for review and remove the content in a timely manner.


User Interactions

The Collective Concept is not liable nor responsible for any interactions among users of our Site; all users are responsible for their interactions with other users of our Site both online and in person.  By using our Site, you agree and confirm The Collective Concept is not liable for for any loss, damage or injury as a result from any interaction between or among users of our Site. We have no obligation to intervene or involve ourselves in user disputes, but may do so at our discretion.



The Collective Concept ha no responsibility or liability for solicited user content or internally created content published to our Site or for any unlawful, questionable or offensive content possibly encountered while using our Site. All content and information is presented “as-is” and we offer no warranties of any type or for any purpose.  To the fullest extent permissible by applicable law, we disclaim all warranties, explicitly or implicitly expressed or indicated including but not limited to any warranties of merchant products, fitness for specific purposes and non-infringement. We do not represent, warrant or guarantee use of our Site will be uninterrupted or errorless, that defects or deficiencies will be corrected or addressed or that our servers will provide our Site free of an corrupted code, content or assert that our Site is virus free.